Our Story

CBEC was established in 1989 in response to the dramatic rise in unemployment and social problems arising from New Zealand’s economic reforms of the mid 1980s.

The original purpose was to create a community owned organisation that could generate new businesses and jobs.

The organisation would also bid for contracts that would otherwise be run by companies from outside the district. Profits would be ploughed back into the community to create more employment and other community benefit.

One of the first projects CBEC initiated was to use the opportunity of the closure of the town dump to create a new recycling centre. CBEC convinced council to give it a three year recycling contract based on projected landfill savings.

As part of that contract CBEC also established New Zealand’s first rural kerbside recycling scheme for Kaitaia and a network of outlying recycling drop off points. CBEC also produced a school recycling education kit which was sold into schools and education centres throughout the country.

From these early beginnings CBEC has grown to be a family of businesses that are serving the local community.

CBEC is the best at managing waste and single stream recycalingCBEC's team on grand opening

About Us

CBEC is a community enterprise which operates a range of businesses and environmental programmes as part of an overall effort to build sustainable local economies in the communities we live within.

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